t attorney, picked to run as a powerful Republican political candidate in the future, presented a thorough, convincing eight-week case that concluded last week. Prosecutors called.

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and son fought the sturgeon for more than an hour before the fish was brought to shore by Dean Werk of Great River Fishing Adventures, the boat's lead guide. It's the fourth giant.

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onal, educational and logistical needs for independence, well-being and dignity. "It's a federally funded nutritional support network that supplies ombudsman services and legal se.

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ombia. The report also said Bolivia has turned into a place of attraction to transnational criminal organizations, as the cultivation of coca plant in the Bolivian territory incre.

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government. While the conflict ended in May 2009, Tamil leaders in Canada say the ethnic Tamil minority still faces persecution. However, Canadian officials say they are trying to d.

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ation of the presidential elections in April 2013 after the death of President Hugo Chavez, saying that at that time the opposition also "tried to burn down the country, but faile .

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e being held now, while another 24 percent said they might vote for her. Only 20 percent said they would not vote for Rousseff no matter what, according to the poll, which was cond.

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and of the world at large. That trust is vital to the restoration of shareholder value which has been so adversely affected by recent events," said Dudley. Special Report: Gulf of .

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produced by a team led by the Interior Department and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The remaining 26 percent of oil is either on or just below the surface as l.

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