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ter David Choquehuanca Tuesday denied rumors that U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden was on the plane flying Bolivia's president out of Europe, after the plane was diverted on susp


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ns for Chile to meet 20 percent of its energy demand by nuclear power by 2020 to be suspended. Senators voted 14 in favor and 2 against for the decision to ask the president to sus.

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uld also be related to Monday' s signing of an agreement between thousands of hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails with Israeli authorities, which helped end an.

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s," holding his ground in overhauling the system. The House of Representatives and the Senate have separately passed their own versions of health care reform bill, but the unified.

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or Yan Li. Suzhou is located in the core area of Yangtze River Delta in China, which is dubbed as "Paradise on Earth" thanks to its beautiful gardens and rich civilization. Since .

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epidemic, a collaboration between the WHO and the Ministry of Health in Haiti (MSPP), show that 76.5 percent of the confirmed cases are in Artibonte Province, followed by Central.

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nemployment. "Climate change is changing the world, but we can not forget that in the 21st century our planet is convulsing essentially due to the social catastrophe," he said. Cabr.

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to delusions that killing people would increase his self-worth. It is likely that Holmes' mother Arlene will take the stand in the next two days for riveting testimony that will .

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009. Byrd's latest hospitalization could mean an unexpected blow to President Barack Obama's financial-regulatory legislation efforts, by reducing the chances of the Senate passin.

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unist Party (CCP) to be held in January. Meanwhile, the Cuban people are waiting for the announcement of new measures of the reform promoted by Castro, especially one that would l.

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growing by the hour, leaping farther north and has now consumed about 389,000 acres (about 157,545 hectares) with at least 11 structures burned and 588 more threatened by the fla.


sport utility vehicle (SUV) and discovered gasoline in containers and propane gas linked to consumer grade fireworks. The crude device with the potential to create a deadly fireba

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al tax systems." By refusing such reforms, they maintain arbitrary control over the decisions made in organizations such as the United Nations, Arguello said. He added that this is

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ecline was sparked when the housing bubble popped in 2007 and sent the world' s largest economy reeling. Oddly, however, savings losses before the Great Recession happened during .

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grand jury indicted Kashmiri for terrorism-related offenses in connection with a plot to attack the Jyllands-Posten newspaper in Denmark. The United States designated HUJI as a f.

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L said on Thursday that the alliance was ready to facilitate the Afghan government's outreach to the Taliban militants. Speaking following a joint meeting of NATO foreign and defen.

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eather permits," President Santos wrote in his official twitter account. The three hostages were handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) after Cuba and .

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sian energy giant Gazprom Alexei Miller, an agreement has been reached between the company and Minsk concerning the gas transit fees via Belarus for 2010. "The agreements have bee.

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er the Department of Health and Human Services, placing him in a vital position to carry out the historic healthcare reform. Congress is in recess this week, and by law, Obama can

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ent to 32 percent, while those who consider it is doing a bad or very bad job increased from 7 percent to 13 percent.? Full story Brazil protests rage on despite gov't efforts to

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itizens, but not egalitarianism," Castro said. Since he took power three years ago, Castro has repeatedly called for restructuring the Cuban economic model to better use the human

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