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n Feb. 22 and 23. Baumbach said the Brazilian government wants to discuss the situation in Honduras with countries that maintained a common stance during the Honduran crisis last

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g it back to the House. The Senate version of the bill retained much of the House bill, which passed last Friday, including 158.7 billion dollars for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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avel requirements -- an exit permit and a letter of invitation that had to be presented to Cuba's consulates abroad. Amid all the country's reform efforts, economic growth remains

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rupted. OTTAWA, May 26 (Xinhua) -- Canada's law enforcement agencies announced Tuesday that they have arrested two suspects on the " wanted list" of the Canada Border Services Ag

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g possible goals for the Cancun conference, Hedegaard said: "The texts are still much too long, There are much too many options. They are still too complicated." Countries must "st

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rrillas)," said Jorge Eliecer Pinto, a military commander in the region. Several illegal armed gangs of the guerrillas or the new criminal bands have presence here and both are eng

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. This group, directed by Chinese Wang Hsiao Po, is composed of ten members. Curiously, most of them are Brazilians that have no Chinese origin. As one of China's traditional martia

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. "When people stand up, more people will stand with them." Related: Commentary: Change-mongering U.S. needs change too BEIJING, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- The Occupy Wall Street protests ha

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killed three youngsters who were watching a soccer game inside their car. Meanwhile, the authorities found corpses of five men with shooting injuries on the highway between Chihuah

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advisory committee which today authorized protection for Cain," George Ogilvy, a spokesman for the Secret Service, told ABC News. It's unclear why Cain asked for such protection.

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on, but missed this deadline. He was facing strong opposition from Republicans and some of his Democratic colleagues, who insisted on military trials for terror suspects. Related

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